I always love to see loving people, to have my heart warmed by love. Hahaha! Maybe I’m a sentimental person after all. I smile when I see people happy. I love to see those bright eyes of happy people. Sometimes I envy some of my friend’s photo with family, with their best friends, or with their lover.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have best friend (even though I called them my best, I’m not their best), or a perfect family. Ah, enough whining. Hmm, yeah, I’d like to admit that I hate conflicts, yes of course, everybody hates conflict. When in conflicts, the world seems like hell.

But unfortunately, some people are trapped in conflict, hatred, groundless-hatred. For some simple example, two people who just can’t get along because they have different personality. Or in bigger scale such as Indonesian and Malaysian conflict. Even though they shared same race, they still can’t step aside their own differences by insulting other language or even economic situation.

One of  my biggest concern in this war-peace matter, is the religion conflict. Israel-Palestine (although it’s not about religion at all, but at some point, this issue is pointing to religious matter) for example. This unlikely-ended conflict continues, it’s because there is big ego, the abstain to share with others, or like in India-Pakistan in Kashmir independence, religion is one matter that said as a source of problem. But this is sad, people hate each other because religion. Religion is pure, but we use it as our shitty defense, an excuse to hurt others. War is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them.

Those unlucky people are longing peace. Not like I, or whoever read this who lived in peace at their home. But somehow we just keep on hating each other for little things we’ve done.

Every religion basically teach us to love. Love humans, animals, environment, and God of course. Love and religion are like  soul-mate, they can’t be separated. If we hate our differences, then why God created us in great diversity? Okay, if you don’t believe in God or religion, just ask yourself, what would you prefer most? Be in peace or in war? It’s on our conscience as human. We humans love peace.

We was born in unique ways but we can’t choose how we would look like or to be in what family in which country. But  we can choose to love or to hate. It’s not about other people, or other thing. The choice is always on our hands.

And now this time, concerning my big ramble, I’ll try to spread more love. To step aside the differences between humans. And at the end, I hope that I can be a loving person. A person that can warm somebody’s heart like they warm mine. This is my big resolution, lifetime resolution. So how about you? Have you spread love for your life today?


*P.S.: Sorry for the international issue example, since I am an Int. Relations student, I just got the idea of example from it. :p