It’s Me!

Hi, readers! Hahahaha! I know I don’t have many reader (or even any). But this time, I’ll try to love my blog better. And I’ll use English as much as I can (because I have to help myself on improving it). My name is Salita Romarin. But in this blog, I use my pen name, Wilhelmina Rosemary. I am now a student of Parahyangan Catholic University, majoring International Relations. I am interested in cats, foods, and cozy places. I also have some interest in topics such as gender equality, human rights, pluralism in religion, and art (performing or other type of art). Ahahahaha! That’s kinda ‘heavy’. But in this blog, I mostly express my opinion towards some problem or just an aimless ramble. Uhm, I’ll enjoy myself blogging, so do your best to enjoy my blog! :p